Vario-Tube is a patented solution of Elsner System, which is capable of up to 25 degrees of axis correction. Whereas in the past an unfavourable axis orientation of the implant might have meant the dental structure could not be screw-retained, utilising Vario-Tube  now makes this possible. Vario-Tube allows the repositioning of the endpoint of the hole both for a crown or a bridge, along a conical surface in all directions.

Utilising Vario-Tube, you can change the arch of the hole so the nut entrance hole can be positioned on an oral or occlusal surface on demand. The great benefit of Vario-Tube in comparison with other methods is that it requires less material withdrawal, so it results in a more robust structure. There is no need to use an abutment, and yet its fitting precision is equivalent to ready-made abutments.

There is no need to fix it with cement either, so you can avoid the unpleasant side effects of sub-gingival cement residues. Using this solution extends the capability of screw-retained Crowns and bridges even in cases of below-optimal implant positions. It also enables the dental restoration to be removable -in a non-destructive manner- even years later.


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