ELSNER Articulator

ELSNER Articulator

Exclusive distributor in Romania: Simo’s Labor Invest SRL Székelyudvarhely
Easy to use,extremely lightweight, first-rate, medium size-range articulator. 
With easy functions,of warp-proof fiberglass enhanced polyamide fabric, steady, with safely closing mechanism.
The big workspace provides a good access to the model from every angle.

Our articulators are equipped with:
Built-in magnetic stabilization system
Scaled, adjustable strut            
Rust-proof axle for 180 Degrees Rotation 
Outrigger to underpin the upper surface of the opened articulator 

-Intercondylar distance: 115mm
-Condylar inclination fixation: 35°
-Bennet angle fixation: 10°
-Table edge inclination: 30°
-Mass: 360g
-Openability: 180°

The product contains 6 pcs of mounting plasters, 2 pcs of plastic magnetic plasters.
You can order the following accessories:
-Plastic magnetic plaster – 1000M
-Mounting plaster – 1001 G
-Aadjustable, aluminum magnetic plaster – 1003A
-Gauge – 1002C
-Innplate – 1004l
-Mounting plaster – 1005G

1 pack: 80 Euro+ VAT
Over 7 packs:75 euro+VAT        
Over 15 packs:75 euro+VAT/ + 1 for free